Introduction to the survey

Welcome to the interactive dashboard with the results of the researcher survey on the “Towards Responsible Publishing” proposal by cOAlition S.

cOAlition, an international group of 28 research funders working together to promote open approaches to scientific publishing, has recently introduced its “Towards Responsible Publishing” proposal. This proposal envisages a community-based publishing system that will empower scholars to openly share their research and engage with innovative quality control and evaluation standards, thus promoting rapid and transparent dissemination of rigorous scientific knowledge. Understanding that the perspective of the researcher community would be crucial in shaping the direction of the proposal, cOAlition S commissioned a global consultation process which included the current survey. Through that, researchers could express their views about the ideas presented in the proposal, and influence its further development, ensuring it resonates with the needs and aspirations of the research community. 

Confidentiality and use of data:

The survey, conducted for cOAlition S by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS | Leiden University), and Research Consulting, adheres to ethical standards approved by the Ethics Committee at Leiden University. Responses were collected without personal identifiers, safeguarding confidentiality. Any subsequent publications or presentations feature anonymised findings.

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